"Who is this Madame Kay you're talking about and why are you shouting her name at me?"


- Emmanuel Macron, French President -

Born in 2000 in Paris, France, Madame Kay is not the Madame in a maison close.

Revolving around the 3 founding members Fred (voice), Jeremie (guitar), and Jonas (drums), she got down with many partners and released her first LP in 2006 titled "Le choix de la redaction" (SonyBMG).

In 2009, Fred went out to buy a pack of cigarettes and didn't come back. Some people who were trying to collect his life insurance policy unfortunately tracked him down in New York, NY where he had been living after a short stay in the Bay Area.

Now that this mystery has been resolved, Madame Kay has a cleavage full of songs and stories to tell.